Archaeology of the SOUL

A year-long journey of soul evolution, following the lessons in the Gratitude Diary with Melanie Spears















Expression of Interest for 2025

Archaeology of the Soul is more than 
personal development.

This program is, in essence a community of people who are dedicated to soul growth, transformation and personal evolution.

Under the guidance of Melanie Spears, you'll be shown how to
gently and playfully dig deep into the roots of who you are and reveal your souls highest alignment so you may transition into the new earth with new ideas, inspirations & potential.

Using the power of the Gratitude and the Family Constellation modality, we work inside the Quantum field. Here you will discover any obstacles between the life you're living now, and the life you are creating.

Happiness, relationships, business and health are just the beginning of what we'll cover.

Meeting monthly, we co-create a sacred space around the time of each new moon. 

Weaving together as we unfold our soul, share our dreams and intentions, tell our stories and let stories go.


"The soul is sacred, your evolution is expected..."

Archaeology of the Soul is for you if...

  • You're feeling it's time for an upgrade (to¬†fully connect to what's true for you)
  • You already resonate with the content in the Gratitude Diary
  • You may feel you're in the wrong job or in a relationship in which you're making severe compromises
  • You distract yourself from asking deeper questions, through the overuse of social media, rushing and other escapes, or through alcohol and/or other substances
  • Your inner critic / negative self talk is loud and you may have body issues e.g. excess weight
  • You're challenged to manage your own energy e.g. tired all the time, or running on adrenalin
  • You are ready to progress your soul
  • You know it's time to activate your divine blueprint and raise your frequency
  • You commit to taking radical self responsibility for your own souls growth
  • You're ready to experience unity consciousness
  • You would like to activate your personal divine mission on Earth


Expression of Interest for 2025


Last year I intuitively joined up for the Archaeology of the Soul course and I have not been disappointed. We are now half way through and we've done a deep dive into so many things I never expected...human design, astrology, challenging beliefs, much learning and community! The group is a unique container of amazing people. Our last get-together has resulted in us setting group intentions that are life changing for us and for others. If you are reading this you are destined to be involved. Your higher Self will thank you - jump in!


Why Should I Progress My Soul?

What You Will Get

Monthly Group Calls

Every New Moon, we will gather live online for a two-hour soul process and ritual.  All calls will be recorded and sent to you personally.

1:1 Soul Alignment Session

This one-on-one session explores any familial inherited conditioning. Hidden patterns become conscious, via Zoom.

2025 Gratitude Diary & Calendar plus Online Fillable PDF

Shipped to wherever you are in the world. 

Guest Facilitators 

Introducing Sarah McLeod, Shamanic Healer & Kris Franken, Author, psychic & Spiritual Counsellor, for deeper guidance & facilitation. 

Lifetime Access

All recorded calls and other resources are included in your own online library. 

Pay upfront and save 20%

A 6-month payment plan makes it cash-flow friendly OR save $329 by paying in full upfront. 

Why Work With Me?

Meet Melanie Spears

There is, and always has been an emotionally intelligent, human operating system available to all souls. You only need to download it…

However, before you embrace this new operating system, you will need to delete the old one.

In Archaeology of the Soul; together we sort through your emotional, mental and genetic program.

All souls have been graced with the precious gift of free will. With this divine endowment, we possess the power to recognize and amplify what is good and thriving. The unique skills and talents we bear. Additionally, we are empowered to create boundaries and halt that which no longer serves us.

Together we will identify and explore your desires. Your soul already knows what it has come here to do.

It’s a matter of aligning to that which is already written.

  • I help get to the ROOT CAUSE of your blocks FAST
  • I have researched and documented my own soul progression, and that of many others, creating GREAT CONTENT for you based on experience, not theory
  • It‚Äôs my SOULS MISSION to educate you about your own soul progression
  • I have progressed my soul to a place of understanding, therefore can hold you in safe and expansive space while you UNRAVEL and REBUILD
  • I‚Äôm not afraid of your mess, in fact I see that at the MOST BEAUTIFUL part of you!
  • I‚Äôm FUN and a little bit edgy¬†


"Before I met Melanie, I never really gave my emotions much attention or respect. I treated them as a part of me that needed to be 'managed', usually controlling them or overriding them. Mel's work has completely turned that old way of thinking on its head. She has taught me how to LOVE and ACCEPT all of my emotions and see them as gifts - my personalised gateways to deeper FREEDOM and HAPPINESS. Thank you so much Mel for your wonderful teachings!"


The 12 Live Gathering calls are held in alignment with the 2025 New Moons.

Your Investment


$277/mo x 6

$1,662 total

  • 12 x monthly live gatherings, aligned with the new moon
  • A private 1:1 Soul-Alignment session with Melanie
  • Guest facilitators
  • 2025 Gratitude Diary & Moon Calendar, plus Online Fillable PDF¬†
  • An online portal containing all recorded sessions and other supporting resources - LIFETIME ACCESS

Cash flow friendly payment plan

Last Chance 2024


$1333 AUD

Biggest Savings!

  • 12 x monthly live gatherings, aligned with the new moon
  • A personal 1:1 Soul-Alignment session with Melanie
  • Guest facilitators
  • 2025 Gratitude Diary & Moon Calendar, plus Online Fillable PDF¬†
  • An online portal containing all recorded sessions and other supporting resources - LIFETIME ACCESS

Save 20% ($329) with upfront payment. 

Last Chance 2024



Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price!

  • 12 x monthly live gatherings, aligned with the new moon
  • Two private 1:1 Soul-Alignment session with Melanie
  • Guest facilitators
  • 2 x 2025 Gratitude Diary & Moon Calendar, plus Online Fillable PDF for you both
  • An online portal containing all recorded sessions and other supporting resources - LIFETIME ACCESS.
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What Students Have To Say


 'I went to Mel, not knowing what I was getting myself in for. What came from the sessions was an opportunity to examine my relationships with my son, family and me, and my unhealthy relationships with food. Mel supported me to learn more about myself, my body, my mind, spirit, soul and emotions. I  awoke to a new way to relate with my son and husband - and food, creating healthy boundaries rather than having no boundaries.Thank you Mel, I am truly grateful.'


"Melanie is a true emotional archeologist and healer. She's the best I’ve come across for quickly getting to the root cause of emotional blocks and holding space for you to release them. Every session I have with her results in a greater sense of lightness, freedom... and soul evolution! "


Frequently Asked Questions